Adventures Through the Lenses

Adventures Through the Lenses started my Junior year when I was looking for a good slogan to go along with my newly made website. It was an exciting time for me. I had recently just changed my major to Communications and Digital Studies and re-introduced to the world of creating a strong digital identity and making digital art for a grade. Little did I know, this new world was going to get my creative juices to flow and bring this new project to life for me.

The meaning behind the slogan derives from some of my hobbies. Adventures represents my adventurous side. I love discovering new places and going on adventures – even it’s something as small as going on a nature walk at a local park or something as big as visiting a new state with friends and family. Wandering around my environment has allowed me to regain my sense of freedom in times of distress and bring peace as well as creativity into my life. It’s also been a wonderful source of inspiration when it comes to my writing – another thing that I’m fairly passionated about. The second part of the slogan represents photography, a new hobby that I am currently trying to excel in. For a while now, I’ve gotten quite a liking of looking and taking different types of photographs. The quality and different filters used on a photo can completely change the meaning behind it and the vibe being given off. My favorite types of photographs has got to

For this project, I am going to document my adventures to put it into short words. However, rather than simply creating videos of where I go and what I eat every now and then, I will challenge myself to make my contents unique and more insightful. The first project will be an augmented reality biography of three of my friends at Mary Washington. I will interview them, ask them a few rather personal questions about themselves and create an Augmented Reality biography of a mix of who they represent themselves as and how I view them. This project can be found here.




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